Looking for high-quality skincare products with medically-proven ingredients? Look no further than Noon Aesthetics, Alastin Skincare and CBD+. These medical-grade lines incorporates the latest clinical research to give you unparalleled results. With their focus on high concentrations of quality ingredients, we are confident that you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels after using for just a few short weeks.

Noon Aesthetics

Noon Aesthetics

Paraceutial product line that contains active ingredients at breakthrough high concentration levels, without common side effects, such as irritation, burning, redness, and unpleasant sensation. Noon triumphantly provide innovative solutions and impressive results for various skin problems, such as skin aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and loss of elasticity, blemishes, seborrhea, and more.


Yes! ALL VI Peel treatments are safe and effective for ALL skin tones. Inclusivity is central to our brand and mission, and all Vitality Institute products are created for and with skin of color in mind.

Everyone’s skin is a little different, and the number of peels needed for desired results varies from person to person, and from skin condition to skin condition. While just a single peel will achieve significant skin rejuvenation (think less pigment, smoother skin texture, and brighter, glowier skin overall), in general, we recommend a series of 3-6 peels for optimal results.

In general, you can expect to start peeling on or around day three and peel for about three to four days afterward. Each person’s peeling experience is a little different, and some may peel for more or fewer days, depending on the condition of the skin. If this is your first VI Peel, it’s also normal to peel for a longer period of time.

You want to avoid direct and extreme sun exposure for the first 7 days.  Make sure you’re applying your VI Derm SPF 50 Sunscreen (provided in your Aftercare Kit) every morning. Also note that lifestyle sun exposure, like running errands, going for a walk, walking your dog, grabbing coffee, and driving, are all fine, as long as you are protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF and wearing a hat.

You should refrain from exercising for 72-96 hours after receiving the VI Peel to prevent any blistering in the skin or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). If prone to PIH or with pigment damage/melasma it is suggested to refrain for the entire 7-day peeling process so as not to induce heat or inflammation in the skin that can lead to further damage.